The Moonlight Bracelet

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The majestic beauty of moonlight once silenced us and left us in awe. In contemplation, we wondered if it would ever wither.


This bracelet perpetuates memories of the past times we found ourselves at peace under the moonlight.


The agates are arranged symmetrically and repeatedly, like an image of the dark night enfolding a splendid moon, day after day. It's the moonlight that saw right through us - a porous imperfection, a dim infelicity, or a shining eagerness.


It's the moonlight that unquestionably accepted us. 


Making meaning of and seeking connection in our possessions is how we navigate through life. A piece of accessories like this Moon Bracelet is certainly an intimate narration of our journey.


  • Materials: Natural Stones (Lava, Matte, Hematite).
  • Length: 18 cm (7.1 in).