The Dashing Bracelets (Set of 3 Pcs)

Size Guide

A touch of sophistication to your style is not as intimidating as you might think. 


This set of bracelets is a playful mix of stone shapes, arrangements and hues. By peering at them, you can relate to 3 things: a solid foundation we all must need, a go-ahead attitude we all must adopt, and valuable lessons amidst messiness we all must learn.


Even when all the philosophical meanings are drained out, the bracelets still carry a visual aspect that might captivate the passers-by. They look modern, clean-cut, crisp, firm, and dashing.


Isn't that all we want to come across as a man?


  • Materials: Hematite Stones, Braid, Copper.
  • Length: 16 - 23 cm (6.3 - 9.1 in). Adjustable.