The Anubis Ring

Size Guide

Renowned as the Egyptian god of the Underworld, as the one who determined the fate of every soul in their afterlife,Anubis is undoubtedly a representation of supreme authority.

Crafting a sturdy jackal’s head that is accentuated by a pointed pair of ears and sharply engraved details, our artisans succeed in recreating the fierce and powerful look of god Anubis on this ring.

In addition, based on Egyptian mythology, with the inscription of an ancient ankh - the fertility symbol on both sides, the ring further symbolizes immortality, as well as the power over life and death.

Possess this ring and use it to reflect your powerful and assertive charisma, or simply to wield it as a cool self-defense item.

  • Material: 100% Stainless Steel
  • Jackal’s head size: 2.3 * 2.9 cm (0.9 * 1.15 in)