Antique Nordic Runes Bracelet

Size Guide

Sometimes jewelry is what it is: good looking accessory. In other cases, it goes way beyond a cool look. Featuring runes boldly embossed on a retro surface, this item is a perfect fusion between style and meaning.

Runes were ancient letters used by the Norse and other Germanic people. The word “rune” means “letter,” but also “mystery". Each rune was a significant symbol, said to carry physiological and magical powers on its own. For example, the T-rune means victory, which was named after the god Tiwaz and had the form of an upward arrow (hinting at the god’s prominent role in war).

This bracelet finely captures the spirit, plus a bit of the rugged Vikings vibe. The runes' sharp and pointy form creates an interesting edge for your look. Firm and durable to stand by you through the test of time.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Length: Adjustable