About us

What makes a man?

I was brought up by my dad. The biggest hero, to me and every single one who knows him. He’s strong, physically and mentally, with an unexplainable courage and determination. Without talking or showing, he takes great care of his wife and children. In my eyes, he’s a perfect example of what a man should be like.
So yes, I was raised to be such a man.

But what if I’m not like him?
What if I’m not as strong, tough and brave?
Will I ever be good enough to be a man like him? A real man?

Those questions pressured me throughout my childhood.
In a way, it made me try harder even without my dad’s pushing. Pressure is good, right? Until you felt guity for wanting something else – things that aren’t associated with your dad.
This feeling continued to obsess me during my early adulthood, until one day.

I realized my past feelings actually came from the conflict between my life-long “man’s model” and my personality. Dad is a great man, but also a happy man, because inner self and lifestyle aligns.
So if I’m about to grow up like a man, I must first live as who I am. Whoever I want to be, I must start at my inner self, accepting my imperfections, my fears and desires.

Style is all about that.

Style doesn’t depend on trends. It doesn’t just say something about you. It is you.
Style can express your deepest thoughts, simply because it starts from those place inside your heart. Whoever you are, whatever you need from this life, there are always something that matches. Your style, then, brings your self out and showcases it to the world. And believe it or not, it provokes responses from everything around you. And the cycle goes on…

That’s the reason I started Man’s Manor.

For the belief that everything comes from the man inside of you, that there’s a harmony point where you soul meets your outer expressions. Each of our accessories is crafted to achieve such harmony, which soundly translates and gives a bold statement about no one other than you.
Even better, our materials come with a mission to interact with your own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires, to heal, protect and brings you a better version of yourself.
So please, do not buy our products for the sake of shopping. Buy them because you feel the connections, which we’re sure you will.
Because in the quest for ways to express, a man can discover himself instead.

Why choose us?

When you buy fashion items, it’s not the products that you buy. It’s the satisfaction.
That’s why we understand beside our top-notch quality, every factor counts. So here’s why you should be happy shopping with us.
  • Exclusively designed for men
  • Free shipping
  • Money back guarantee – without questions
  • Good values: Very decent prices for such stylish and engaging accessories.
  • Diverse choices for different personalities: If you haven’t found what you need, look harder!
  • Last but not least, opportunities to explore, connect and express your inner man.

- Olen V. Leatham -
Founder of Man's Manor