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Power. Strength. Dignity. These words pop up when people think about masculinity and manhood. And maybe, the last word that pops up on your mind is jewelry. Can men wear jewelry? We talked about this subject in our previous blog, make sure to check it out for the answer to this question. In this blog, we will discuss different types of jewelry men should own.

But before we dig into what pieces you should have, let’s take a look at 4 simple rules when wearing jewelry:


  • Keep it simple: this is the golden rule for all things.
  • Match metals: pick one metal tone at a time - gold or silver.
  • Understand Jewelry’s symbolism.
  • Jewelry should match your dress code.


With these four rules in mind, let’s start digging into pieces you should have at least one in your jewelry collection.

Wedding bands

A simple and common piece of jewelry, wedding rings are normally made from gold, silver, and platinum.

Wedding rings are simple but meaningful pieces


There are a lot of ring forms: class rings, fraternal rings, championship rings, and decorative rings. As mentioned above, wedding ring is a universal piece of jewelry, but other rings should be worn with an understanding of the symbolism behind them. If you choose to wear a Viking-inspired ring, be prepared for some Viking-related small talks. When you put a ring on, it speaks for you, it is YOU. So pick your pieces wisely.

Viking Raid Ring 

Man of Steel Geometric Ring


Men of royalty have worn ornamental bracelets for thousands of years, and this act becomes more and more common nowadays. Bracelets are ornaments of your body, your style, your belief. But sometimes, it can also be a tool that helps you go through tough situations. Ever heard about paracord bracelets which help soldiers survive through battlefields? In modern days, the same type of bracelet can be extremely useful for camping, road trips,... as it is, in fact, can be untied and turn into a twine.

US Army Paracord Survival Bracelet

Clash Double Layer Bracelet

Saviors Bracelet Set 3pcs


Necklaces are an easy piece of jewelry to wear because they can be hidden under the clothing when you don’t like it being shown in public. Since only the chain that can be seen by others, they create a feeling of curiosity and can thus be a great conversation starter. Picking the right necklace also requires a deep understanding of its symbolism. You can’t just wear a horn necklace and expect to look like a class gentleman and vice versa.

The Mechanic Bracelet

Gothic Crucifix Faith Necklace

Tree of Life Harmony and Wisdom Necklace


Earrings can be considered as the most accepted piercing for men. They have gained wider appeal over the last 30 years but nowadays, it seems that they are worn mostly by millennials.

Earrings are the most accepted piercing for men


A piece of functional and fashionable jewelry. Watches can be worn on every occasion without any limits. In general the simpler the watch, the dressier it is. A plain black leather strap and a simple silver timepiece with Arabic or Roman numerals are versatile and classic.

Or pick a watch that can leverage your suit

Jewelry to avoid

Trying new jewelry or new styles is a good act. But keep in mind about things you put on, such as anklets, toe rings, armlets,... Of course, if you’re in a very special situation where you are required to wear these pieces, it’s fine. But believe me, you don’t want to see yourself in these pieces. It’s a big no-no.

In recent days, jewelry is not just about an ornament that can only be worn by the wealthy. It stands for who you are. It delivers your messages even before you speak any words. This is its wonder.

What about you? What does jewelry mean to you?
What pieces of jewelry do you have and just can’t get enough of?

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