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We all know there are a lot of stones and crystal that can enhance some aspects of our lives - making it better. In today’s blog, Man’s Manor will introduce to you stones that can help you with your memory. So if you need to focus on studying - researching, this is the blog for you.

Clear Quartz

The power of Clear Quartz is undeniable! This crystal will bring you mental clarity, greater focus and help you retain information. The crystal doesn’t have to be completely clear to work well but make sure a good portion of the crystal is clear. Try a Quartz Crystal Sphere on your working desk area. You can also wear it around your neck or carry it with you in your pocket.

Place a Clear Quartz in your workspace and feel the differences

Tiger’s Eye Stone

Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for study and research (and for men jewelry too). This golden crystal helps you stay focused when there is a lot of information to absorb. It can help you filter out anything that distracts you from your goals. It is also good for researching anything. Tiger’s Eye helps you to understand a problem clearly as well as use it in a more practical way.

Savior Bracelet Set made of Tiger's Eye Stone

Earth's Tiger Bracelet

Hematite and Tiger's Eye Bracelet


Turquoise is a good stone to keep your mind and thoughts clear. It has been popular in the crystal world for studying because it is also one of the best crystals for stress release. This blue stone absorbs lower energies like a sponge. A good stone to have on you during a test or an exam. Find jewelry made of Turquoise and wear it daily to have the best result.

This blue stone can refresh your mind and help you with focusing


Fluorite is also known as a true crystal of the mind. You can use this crystal for support while doing all forms of research and learning. Fluorite can also be used for increasing mental focus during study. Any color or color combination is suitable, just choose what you feel like wearing or keeping it close.

Fluorite - the crystal of the mind

Blue Scapolite

Another blue crystal in the list. Blue Scapolite is not so easy to find anymore but it is a very helpful crystal. This stone can support you with studying and helps with multitasking. This is an ideal crystal to have when working on projects that require using lots of information.

It is not easy to own a Blue Scapolite


Sodalite is an indigo blue stone with contrasting white and light blue veins. One of the most beautiful stones in this list. This crystal clears the mind and brings insights to you when you need. Sodalite will help you combine logic with the help of your intuition which can lead to important breakthroughs.

One of the most beautiful stones on this list

Have you ever keep a stone with a special effect with you? Share with us that story in the comment section below.
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