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Firework lights up the night sky as the new year comes. A new year with new possibilities, new challenges - a fresh start for each of us. This is also the time when people make their resolutions for New Year.

Have you got your own resolutions this year? Either way, check out our list of simple new year resolution for all gentlemen.

Got your buddy’s back

The secret to friendship is being a good listener. And it’s time for you to be present for your friends when they need it.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

It can be really odd for you to do the “small talk” with your buddies. Just look for the signs whether your friends want to open up about something, and be a good listener.

Share responsibilities with your partner

After a long rough day at work, who doesn’t want to come home and lazily lie down the sofa doing nothing? We get that!

But it’s not a gentleman acts to rest when your partner is cleaning and cooking. She has a rough day at work, just like you!

So roll up your sleeves, take a hand and help you finish you two dinner. Share the responsibilities with her. This resolution will make your relationship last longer, and happier.

There are hundreds of ways to express your love toward your partner - this necklace is a good example

Self-care: the key to confidence and success

Who doesn’t like neatly-looking men? Spend more time grooming and dressing. If needed, ask for other’s opinions about your style and make the necessary changes. As Tom Ford once said: “Dressing well is a form of good manners”. Show others what a man you are with your style.

Good-looking isn't self-importance, it is self-respect

Take action for Mother Nature

What a beautiful planet we live in! Blue oceans, clear sky, breathtaking jungles, stunning waterfalls,... are all gifts from Mother Nature. Let’s protect these gorgeous sceneries by a greener lifestyle. Riding a bike to work sounds good - you can have a healthier life and save the environment at the same time. There are many more ways. Look for green lifestyles on the Internet and follow them.

Let's act together to save our beloved planet

Let your partner and you have some “me-time”

Everyone needs their personal space. Your partner and you aren’t the exceptions. Let each of you have some personal time and space to balance your life together.

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Challenge yourself with your fears

Life is about challenging ourselves and expand our limits. At least once, challenge yourself with something scares you. Maybe climb that mountain, or get a new job instead of this tiring and boring job? It’s up to you!

Put on bold and daring jewelry then challenge yourself

Learn a new skill/language

Time to add some value to yourself by learning a new skill/language. We are never too old to learn anything. Whether it is Chinese or violin, if you have the patience, you can learn them all.

Spend more time outside

It’s a beautiful world out there. So stop using your phone for a while and go for a walk.

We know it’s hard. You have deadlines to meet and family to take care. But hey, time is passing by and all you do is just get by with a phone in your hand. Go out there and enjoy life as it always is.

Try to enjoy life to the fullest

Throw negativities out of your life

Whether it is a bad routine or a toxic friend, do not hesitate to throw it out of your life. Don’t let their negativities affect the quality of your life. It’s a New Year, say goodbye to things that don’t deserve you.

Create and maintain a budget

Instead of saying“I will save some money this year”, how about leverage it into a whole new level“I can create and maintain a budget”?

Think and work smart like a Roman warrior in battles

Create a monthly budget, then as soon as you get your paycheck each month, immediately transfer 20% (or anything you are okay with) of it to your budget. And don’t forget to give that budget a name, you will feel more responsible for it if you do so. Europe trip sounds like a good name, right?

These are 10 simple and practical New Year’s resolutions from Man’s Manor for all gentlemen out there. What are your resolutions for this year? Share with us in the comment section below.

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Mario Morales
Mario Morales

January 07, 2019

I am retired veteran therefore I will definitely leave the phone home can take that desired walk.

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