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What people care about when they put on some pieces of jewelry? Is it the look? Or what it says about your style? Or its sentimental value? In fact, jewelry is much more than just an adornment of your body. There are great values and significant symbolism behind a piece of jewelry.

Depending on countries, materials, and shapes, different piece has a whole different meaning. Let’s dig into the symbolism of jewelry with Man’s Manor.

Tree symbolism

Tree of Life Leather Bracelet

No exaggeration to say that the Tree of life is one of the most popular symbols in modern jewelry. This symbol, with many curving branches and visible roots, symbolize the connection of heaven, earth, and the underworld. The meaning of Tree of Life also depends on the culture, for example:

Family: The Tree of Life traditionally symbolizes family. Tree of Life jewelry might stands for how your family continues to grow and spread out and yet, stay connected.

Growth: As the branches continue to grow and stretch, this symbol reminds its owner to continue stretching and growing. It also represents a solid, firm base from which an individual can feel safe and sound to mature.

Life and Death: All of the natural cycle of the tree, from the loss of leaves in winter followed by new growth in spring, represents Life, Death, and Rebirth.

Tree of Life Harmony and Wisdom Necklace

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic culture consists of several symbols to represent various concepts. These Celtic symbols often portray the connections or relationships with all things in the cosmic. Celtic symbols appear on all kinds of jewelry from necklaces to rings:

Celtic Knot: this is the most recognizable symbol in this culture. It features interwoven loops and often used in necklaces, earrings. The symbol stands for interconnectedness as the curving lines weave back and forth around each other. The no begin or end design is also believed to represent timelessness.

Celtic knot with endless loops

Trinity Knot: similar to the Celtic knot, the Trinity knot has no visible beginning or ending, with the lines weaving around one another. But the difference is the Trinity knot only has three curved edges, forming a triangular-type shape. With the religious angle, three points represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Trinity knot is often worn for protection. This symbol also stands for love and honor, making it popular in engagement jewelry.

Triskele: from the center of the design grows three curving legs is a Triskele. The three legs often represent three related elements, mainly depending on the wearer’s beliefs or values. Some believe it stands for the bond between mother, father, and child, others use it to symbolize the past, present, and future.

Mighty Thor's Hammer Bracelet

Beaded Jewelry

Hematite and Tiger Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Even in this ever-changing fashion world, beaded jewelry remains as a common piece which is worn by both men and women. But to some cultures in the world, beaded jewelry is much more than just an adornment of the body. For example:

Ancient Egypt: We can’t mention ancient Egypt without discussing the way their people used to wear jewelry. Ancient Egyptians loved jewelry. They wore a variety of collars, necklaces, bracelets; each with different symbols. Beaded jewelry from that time often consisted of several strands of beads to form wide collars. The more powerful and wealthy the person, the wider and more precious the beaded jewelry.

Greece: Komboloi - strings of colorful beads is so popular in Greek culture. The strings are filled with glass or amber beads, with one end closes with a head bead and other end closes with a tassel. Komboloi started out as a rope knotted rope with each knot is a prayer, but that religious started to fade, modern days Komboloi is a stress reliever or for mediation purposes.

Other symbols in jewelry

There are many other symbols frequently show up in jewelry. Let’s explore these symbols and their meanings:

Anchors: represents hope, challenges, and new dreams.

Venturer's Anchor Bracelet

Crosses: appears on all types of jewelry of the Christian faith. People wear it to declare their faith and beliefs.

Savior Bracelet

Arrows: symbolizes the strength and courage to move forward. Sometimes, it also represents protection.

Horseshoe: is a universal symbol of luck.

Dragon: represents force and strength. It also provides protection and prosperity.

Bats: delivers a message of luck, happiness, and longevity.

Gotham Night's Watch Bracelet

So, after reading this blog, take another look at your own jewelry collection. Are those the right pieces that stand for who you are, or what you believe? Jewelry is a cherished keepsake, and as its owner, find your own special meaning about it.

What piece of jewelry that is so meaningful to you?
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