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We’ve discussed how a man should wear bracelets, necklaces, or rings – but what about buying it in the first place? Are you the one that feels uncomfortable about visiting a jewelry store to pick your jewelry? Here are 4 awesome tips to make your next visit to the jewelry store much enjoyable.

#1: Know what you want and stick to it

Avoid walking into a jewelry store and tell the seller that you're looking for "something nice". Believe us, that's the quickest way to be ripped off by the most expensive items.

Even if the salespersons are trying their best to help you out, you are most likely to purchase some pieces that are their tastes, not yours. And of course, these pieces wouldn't match your style and wardrobe at all!

Before going to a store, try to visualize a basic characteristic you want in your jewelry. Below is a list of things you should make up your mind first:

  • Jewelry color
  • Material
  • Proportions
  • Price

#2: Get reference as many as possible

It's always a smart move to do your research beforehand. Discuss which pieces to purchase with a friend who knows the ins and outs of the jewelry industry is the best way to to it. Or you can visit a jewelry store website and scroll through customer's reviews about your interesting pieces.

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If you aren't lucky enough to have a good friend who's also a professional jeweler, ask around the family. Keep in mind that the best second opinions will always come from people with no vested interest in the sale.

#3: Ask the right questions

This is where men get intimidated the most. Whether you're dealing with a friend or with the salesperson who's going to make the final sale, you need to know what questions to ask. "What types of metal is this?" "Where did it come from?"...

Our advice is don't try to be a Mr. Know-It-All, because, in fact, you don't know more than the jeweler. Just go in with a solid grasp on the basic qualities of the metals and gems like the hallmark and karat weight of precious metal or the carat, cut or clarity of a diamond.

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#4: Find the right place to buy

Not all jewelers are created equal. Some have larger selections, some have better prices; some have more helpful and knowledgeable staff and some are much more convenient because they're online.

If you're very lucky you'll find one that's good at all those things. But it can be tough.

Here are our recommendations:

Big Chains in shopping malls. You may know some of the names already - like Catiers, Jared's. These chains offer the most common types of jewelry — wedding and engagement rings. They tend to have good return policies and nice customer service features. The staff may not be as knowledgeable, and in most cases be aware that you'll be dealing with a sales clerk rather than a professional jeweler at first. And don't expect to find anything too out of the ordinary here.

Family Or Independent Jewelers. Most cities still have a jewelers' neighborhood. Expect to find a smaller selection but with a more eclectic selection of styles than you would at a big chain store. These are great places to find unusual, eye-catching pieces, and the jeweler will usually have ample knowledge and expertise.

Online jewelry Stores. This new style of jeweler just become popular in the last decade. But they combine all the goods from those two jewelers above. These are the places you should visit for unusual pieces. Plus, their return policies and customer service are often on point.

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Antique Shops. Any second-hand jewelry offers two big opportunities: the chance to own a really unusual piece, and the chance to get majorly ripped off.

Above are 4 points pieces of advice from Man's Manor. Now you can shop your jewelry in a much more comfortable mood and can make a better choice. Remember, you don't need to be a jewelry expert, but you really need to know what you want. It's the only sure way to avoid purchasing whatever the salesperson wants you to have.

Do you have any interesting stories when buying jewelry?
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