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Perhaps one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones is Agate. Surrounding it is a great deal of myths and legends, which helps explain such popularity. Let's explore these ancient stories to shed light on the meanings of this stone.

The name Agate was given after the river Achates, when Theophrastus - a Greek philosopher and naturalist - discovered it along the river shore line. In ancient time, Agate was highly valued by many different civilizations.


Agate was seen as a protector against tragedies or evil.

Agate was once a remedy to cure the stings of scorpions, the bites of snakes and prevent contagion. It was also believed to possess amazing power to quiet thunder and lightning, secure the favor of the powerful, and bring triumph in wars and fights.


Similar to the Islam, the Babylonians used eye agates as an amulet to protect them against evil.



The ancient Egyptians believed that agates protected the wearer from lightning, bestowed the power of speech, and quenched thirst if you put it in your mouth.


For Persians, Agate could affect natural elements and therefor alter weathers. For this trust, Persian magicians used agate to divert storms.


For ancient Chinese, agate was an outstanding jewelry that helped purify the wearer's mind, energize one's chi and create lucky turning points in their life.

Many legends also associated Agate with other benefits. In Medieval times, it can enable a good harvest if tied to the horn of the oxen, dispel sickness if placed in food or drinking water, cure insomnia, bring good night sleep and protect the wearers, especially fragile ones like children.

Modern day beliefs

Some of the myths about Agate still prove to be accurate nowadays: Agate can harmonize your emotional energy, ease anxiety and improve your self-esteem. As a harmonizer, it helps you release resentment and bitterness, thus heals your current relationship tremendously. It is even said to have physical healing ability with tooth and gum issues, stomach problems, physical endurance, insomnia, and detoxification.

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