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None of us can deny the power of first impression. And what can give you away more than your outfit, your style? The way you dress is probably the first thing people notice about you. So, put aside those bulky, loose-fitted outfits of yours and start a dresser revolution with tips from Man’s Manor: How to dress classy style.

Well-fitted clothing is the key

Dress nice isn’t about fancy clothes, a huge amount of clothes, or trendy clothes. No! It’s all about well-fitted clothes.

It doesn’t matter if you own an expensive suit and wear it all the time. Pick your clothes wisely. A pair of dark jeans with a solid-colored, well-fitted shirt followed by a pair of chukka boots will do the magic. Plus, this look is affordable and decent.

Chukka boots are great shoes to bring out the classy vibe within you

Of course, a well-fitted suit is the best a man can get to leverage his style. But a fresh change of style sometimes is essential when you are fed up with suits.

Invest in good accessories

Watches, bracelets, belts,... do not necessarily need to be expensive, but they must be decent and must reflect a classy taste. Ask for other’s opinions in choosing accessories.

A classy gent's vibe for men

Minimal leather bracelet is a must for classy style

Metal bracelet adds a fresh change to your look

Upgrade your outerwear

Do you know that people will see you in your outerwear more than your outfit? You spend most of the time on the street in a coat, give it the attention it deserves. Leave behind bulky and puffy coats. Pick a sharp piece that helps your body to slim down.

A nice coat can get 50% of the classy look done

Pay attention to footwear

Most of the time we often forget how much a stylish pair of shoes can help us ace the classy look. Everyone love guys wearing a good pair of shoes. So, make sure to leave the sneakers at the gym. Interesting alternatives are leather chukka boots, oxford shoes,... that delivers class and comfort.

Avoid shorts

Shorts aren’t for gentlemen. Guess what? It’s not entirely true. Shorts shouldn’t be on the blacklist from a gentleman’s dresser. But they need to wear on suitable occasions. A hangout with friends in the summer can be a perfect occasion to wear fitted shorts.

Instead of shorts, pick chinos or khaki pants

Take good care of yourself

Pay attention to details. Do not forget to use any products that help you to smell good. No one can resist a man with a good smell.

Have a good, healthy body. You don’t need to look as muscular as a professional athlete. But by adding some lean muscles, you can look good in almost everything you wear. So, hit the gym more often to keep fit.

Keep in shape and live a healthier life

Practice makes perfect. Looking classy isn’t an instant result. It is a long term journey, and you learn along the way.

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