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Picking the right outfit for every occasion is a nuisance to men. There is a wide range of clothes to choose from. Who knows when to wear belts and when to wear suspenders? Who knows the differences between a pre-made suit and a tailored suit? And who knows what clothes to wear on formal or any special occasions?

In this blog, Man’s Manor will show you wardrobe rules when it comes to formal occasions. Stay tuned to our next blogs for tips on other occasions. So, let’s start digging into your wardrobe and make a revolution!

Get a tailored suit now!

We know this probably the thousand times you heard about this. But,go get a tailored suit now! This is the soul for any formal attire. You don’t want to show up at some important meetings with a too tight or too loose suit, do you? Imagine yourself attend a formal party in a premade suit with shoulder pads too big, a pair of overlength sleeves or even baggy trousers. Believe us, you don’t want to be in that situation.

A well-made tailored suit worths more than multiple premade ones

Buy a tailored suit with basic color such as black, cobalt blue so that you can wear it to all formal meetings. And if your financial ability is allowed, buy some spare ones for changing.

Don’t go overboard with accessories.

We know you want to become a man with a unique fashion taste. But too many accessories isn’t a way the demonstrate that. You can wear a watch with one or two matching jewelry such as bracelets or rings. And that’s it! Sometimes lesser is better.

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Pocket Square: Why do we need it?

This is probably the tiny detail in a suit that most men forget about. The tiny cloth that sits in your vest pocket: the pocket square.

Pocket square has been around for so long but why do most men don’t put much care into it?

Maybe because it’s too little, or maybe because we don’t know what to do with it. Either way, put in mind that you can not nail the gentlemen look if you forget the pocket square. Just a tiny fabric can take your look up a notch, and help you stand out of a sea of blazer wearers.

There are a lot of rules when choosing what pocket square to wear with what suit. Choosing it is real art. You can match the color of your pocket square with your tie. But not the same color, try to pick colors that come from the same color family. That way you will have a more fashionable, delicate look.

Pick the same color family for the tie and pocket square can bring a stunning effect to your suit

Or you can also play with color by choosing the complete opposite color with the color of your suit and tie. It’s up to you!

Belt and suspender: pick one!

Other accessories go with a suit are belt and suspender. The rule for these two is simple: pick one to wear with your suit. If you feel like wearing a belt is more suitable, then pick the belt and leave the suspender at home. Or if you are into a vintage and high-fashion look, wear a suspender and save the belt for another occasion.

Between a belt or a suspender, pick one to wear

Shoes and socks: things to remember!

Picking the right shoes for the suit can be a nuisance. But there is one big rule to this: the color of your shoes should complement the color of your suit. They don’t have to be a perfect match in color but pick some pieces in the same color family.

Picking the right shoes and socks can help you step into the fashion game of gentleman

Now, when it comes to socks, the colors don’t really matter. Have fun with it! But remember, the socks should cover all of your feet.

And other tiny but important details.

We have shown you the most important rules below, here are some minor but not less important rules you also need to pay attention to:

  • The last button of your vest, as well as your jacket, should be open.
  • If you need to sit down, unfasten the button of your vest.
  • Remember to button the shirt at the top.
  • The tip of your tie should be at/just before the buckle of the belt.
  • Tie knots should be at a decent size.
  • The color of your tie needs to be in contrast with your suit.
Remember these rules, and you're readyto any formal attire

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    John Robins
    John Robins

    March 12, 2019

    I found some of the hint very helpful some I was a bit confused over in the past but now I know Thankyou

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