Can men wear jewelry?

December 21, 2018 3 min read 2 Comments

Can men wear jewelry?

“Jewelry is feminine.”
“Real men don’t wear jewelry.”

Is it the truth or it’s just an excuse men make when they can not pull off stunning jewelry?

Here are the reasons why men should (and need) wear jewelry:

1. Men have been wearing jewelry since ancient time

In early societies, jewelry was worn as amulets to protect against bad luck and illness.

It is no myths that men wore jewelry during the Renaissance. There are a lot of proofs for this through paintings and history books of that time. During this period, men wore jewelry as a statement of wealth and power.

Men in the Renaissance wore jewelry as a way to express their wealth 

The Renaissance alone can not portray all men? You’re right! How about in Roman empire which was more than 3000 years ago where men wore jewelry as symbols of masculinity? Romanians used to wear necklaces, bracelets made of gold or other shining metals. The more precious the material, the higher the status he possessed. Roman warriors believed sparkle jewelry can increase the chances of being noticed by Gods.

This braceletlooks like it belongs to the ancient Roman era

Not only European men wear jewelry. Male jewelry exists in different cultures around the world throughout history. Some American Native tribes had facial piercings and jewelry for ritual practices. Indian men in the Maratha empire also wore jewelry to demonstrate their status and wealth.

2. Male jewelry exists in every corner of the world nowadays

Robert Downey Jr always wears his jewelry with confidence

Just because you don’t notice it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s not hard to see some male Hollywood celebrities with jewelry - a couple of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces,... From businessmen who match bracelets with their watches to those bikers whose jewelry creams rebel. This is something we can witness daily in our society. Men do wear jewelry in modern days.

Beaded bracelets are perfect to pair with watches

Let your jewelry do the talking

3. Jewelry delivers your statements to the world

If ancient men wore jewelry to express their wealth and power, what do men nowadays wear jewelry for? Like the way a cross bracelet can demonstrate your love to God, jewelry can deliver a message of you to others… in a more decent way.

Sometimes, all we need is faith

We wear a ring on our ring fingers to show others there is no vacancy in our hearts anymore. We wear a Yin and Yang necklace to tell others what important to you is balancing in life. We wear jewelry chain and leather jewelry for the world to know what wild souls we are.

This necklace is all about the balance

4. The main reason why you should wear jewelry is... because you feel like doing it

Maybe the reason why you are reading this blog right now is you are curious whether you can ace in jewelry or not. Or you want to try wearing it but haven’t given yourself a chance.

Even if this is just your flashing thought, you should at least give it a try. Not because men all around the world are wearing jewelry. Not because you have a message to tell. But simply because you feel like doing it.

Forget about what people might say if they see you wear jewelry. Put on whatever you like and show them how a man can ace in jewelry. Next time you see some pieces can catch your attention, just go for it.

Of course, when it comes to male jewelry, it is hard to mix and match it with your daily outfit and style. But don’t worry, Man’s Manor got you covered. Stay tuned to our blog for some tips on how to style with male jewelry.

What about you? Do you like wearing jewelry?
Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Annie Do
Annie Do

2 Responses

Gary T. H., Sr.
Gary T. H., Sr.

August 05, 2019

I have worn gold and diamonds from 16 yrs of age. I have always been known as a man that doesn’t play games. No one has questioned my manhood and most that know me and the ones that don’t hasn’t ever acted like they’d want to ask or say. I do agree, clothes, jewelry, diamonds and mannerism is what sets men apart. I have walked the talk and been in places where most are not aloud, but, I looked it, walked it and talked it. A t-shirt, blue jeans and nice shoes have worked for me for years, no one has ever questioned my looks or authority. Yes, jewelry does make a difference for certain men. Others look like pawn shop owners or worse. I have been guessed at from being an F.B.I., C.I.A. agent, drug lord, hit man, police officer, attorney, and a few more, but never weak. So, for the men that can handle wearing the jewelry, do so with confidence and hold your head up. Remember, only the weak at heart and mind are questioned…

Curt moore
Curt moore

January 23, 2019

I am a man who thinks men has every right to wear whatever makes them feel good about themselves. It gives us a chance to show class, personal style, and beliefs. For me, I like to use watches for style and it must be silver or stainless. No gold for me. I’ve wire-wrapped a found sharks tooth and put it on a black cord for a necklace. I have worn a cut out buffalo nickel on a black cord for years and constantly get compliments. Jewelry can be great for the soul, male and female.

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