September 15, 2013 2 min read

A watch brings you class, but a bracelet brings you an attitude.
There is a common belief that a watch is enough for a decent man, most of the time. Anyone breaking that rules will run a risk of becoming overwhelming and overly dressed. But in reality, watches and bracelets together can give a powerful effect on your style and self-expression. Here are some ways to soundly combine the two.

1. Go for contrast!

An easy but adventurous way to express your taste is contrast. Juxtapose two items with extremely contradicting colors (eg. Red versus black) or styles (strong, sporty watch versus elegant beads). There you go, a striking look recognizable from every distance!

Buddha Cinnabar Healing Bracelet

Northern Lights Guardian Bracelet

2. Tone-sur-tone never dates!

Create a harmonious touch by mixing a watch and a bracelet with similar tones. Black with black, grey with grey and the items will naturally enhance each other. Try matching a classic watch with a delicate bracelet in the same tones and feel the magic.

In other cases, mutual feelings can be a reliable guide to help you. See this stunning combo:

Beside the same tone, this Solitaire Balls Healing Bracelet looks like it is made to go with this watch. Look at the way the solitaire balls pair with the complicated details on the case!
Now, if you do not belong to the minimalists out there, it is totally fine to go with your heart and make it to the extreme. After all, your style should be a correct reflection of yourself.

3. Go further for a deep-down, meaningful combination

If you are willing to look beyond appearance, you will see all accessories have meanings. If placed together properly, the couple can magnify their influences and offer you not only a stylist look, but also several benefits, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Take this amazing combination for example.

The strap comes in a pastel tone that soothes and calms your soul. But when combined with this Black Agate Inner Peace Bracelet, you will actually achieve inner peace. How come? Because the agate beads themselves are wondeful in easing anxieties and balancing your emotions. Perfectly matched.

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