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In this blog, we will show you 8 minor things about what is wrong about your style. You got the best clothes with the best quality and look, but still, don’t know how to look nice in them? This is the right blog for you!

#1: More than 2 pieces of jewelry on 1 wrist

Remember the golden rule, wear a max of 2 pieces per wrist. It can be a combination of a bracelet and a watch or a bracelet set. But if you are fond of the minimal look, pick the watch because it is the holy grail jewelry for men.

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#2: Dirty shoes speak a lot louder than words

Your shoes say a lot about the person you are. A nicely cared and clean pair of shoes can make a good impression for you. So, showing up at a job interview or a first date with dirty and messy shoes? Definitely not!

Clean, well-cared shoes can be a game-changer

#3: The hanging jeans style

This style used to be in for a very short time because of a few famous rappers. But guys, there is no other style out there that gives a lot of people the impression of how sloppy you are. And believe us, no one wants to look at your underwear the whole time. So, be a gentleman with class, get the belt and hide the underwear.

#4: Sandals with socks

Socks are made for shoes, not sandals. Maybe to some cultures, this is acceptable. But for the most part of the world, don’t do it. Sandals and flip-flops were made so that your feet can “breathe” in the hot summer. So, if you wear socks, you just ruin the purpose of these footwears.

Socks and sandals, they're bad together

#5: Big jeans

Never wear jeans that are too big for you. Because when they’re big, you usually need to make the belt tighter. Then you get this extra material in the front and you might give the wrong impression when they see it. If you can fit 2 fingers in between your hip and the waistband then you know it is the right size for you.

A well-fitted pair of jeans can take your style up a notch

#6: Large brand names

First of all, you should never buy clothes just because of the brand. You should buy it for the right combination of style, quality, comfort, and price. These things need to go together in the right balance.

The main reason why you shouldn’t wear big brand names on your clothes because it makes you look like a walking advertisement. And the worst part? That brand doesn’t pay you anything. Clothing brands that display their names, or even logos in a big way is a very very smart marketing move.

Another reason is a lot of people out there buying expensive brands with a showing off purpose. They want the names to be on their clothes so that everybody can see it. For some reason, they think that if they wear it that way other people will value them a little bit higher. Don’t fall for the big trap of brand names.

Clothes with big brand names are a smart way to marketing

#7: Pants that are too tight

On some men, tight pants look great. Skinny jeans, slim-fit jeans are the best for modern men. But if they are too tight, it looks really bad, especially with the whole crotch area. Choose pants that fit you perfectly, not too big, and also not too tight.

#8: Wearing the same color for your whole outfit

Unless it is a neutral color, don’t wear the same color from head-to-toe.

Try to play with color with your style, but don't go overboard

Bonus tip: Even if you have the best clothing style but you wear it in an arrogant egotistical way, it will look like the worst style ever. Because your personality is a lot more important than your clothing style. The best way to dress is to stick to the basic clothing essential that never goes out of style. Then wear it with a humble but confident way.

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