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We had tons of blog that give men tips about how to dress nice, but in today’s blog, our goal is to point out 7 mistakes men make when it comes to jewelry and tips on how to make the mistakes become advantages. Let’s dig in!

Mistake #1: Assuming that jewelry is feminine

Somehow if you’re wearing a necklace, a bracelet, people will assume this practice is the realm of women. They think that a man should only wear, let’s say, a wedding ring, or a watch.

That thought can not be further from the truth. If we look historically, jewelry symbolized power, status. It even symbolizes where you come from and which class you’re in. When we go back thousands of years and look into the ancient tombs, we will find the leaders of the tribe were buried with their beads or bones necklace. In modern days, if you’re rich and can afford gold jewelry, you will be perceived as a higher status in society.

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This mistake can make men feel unconfident when wearing their favorite pieces. But remind yourself, when you’re wearing your favorite piece, it is a symbol of who you are and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Mistake #2: Not wearing jewelry with confidence

This may sound a little funny, but guys, you need to believe in what you’re wearing and you need to practice wearing it.

First thing first, you have to like your jewelry. Wear something that when you look at yourself in the mirror and nod “Oh, I like the way it looks on me”.

Then, you need to practice wearing it. Because the first time you try to wear a bracelet, it’s going to feel odd. But after a couple of times, you’re not going to notice it as much and in the end, you don’t even notice it at all.

And you know what, keep wearing your jewelry with confidence. Then someday, somebody will compliment your pieces “Hey, that’s a nice bracelet/necklace” or “Where did you get that?”. That’s a cool thing about wearing jewelry. It becomes a second skin, a conversation piece.

Believer Leather Bracelet

Mistake #3: Not paying attention to the situation

If you’re going to an interview in a conservative industry and you’re wearing a whole bunch of rings, nose ring, earrings, or jewelry all over your body, it may not send the signal. Of course, they should judge you by your look. But hey, your employer won’t be very pleased about it either.

Pay attention to details and try to understand what to do on different occasions or cultures.

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Mistake #4: Over accessorizing

This basically is wearing too much jewelry and therefore not allowing individual pieces to shine.

There are a lot of guys who like to wear a few bracelets on their wrist or a few necklaces. But believe us, you need to keep it simple. If you have multiple pieces you’d love to wear, you should have a rotation where you wear one or two pieces for work and other pieces for parties. Pay attention to find a suitable rotation for you. Don’t wear everything at once.

Mistake #5: Not wearing the right piece of jewelry for you

There are 2 things you need to pay attention to: proportion and skin tones.

Proportion: Don’t try to wear big and chunky jewelry if you have a slim body. All people will see is your jewelry, not you. Also, don’t put on thin and small pieces if you have a pumped body type.

Skin tones: You are either cool tone or warm tone. The easiest way to know which skin tone you are is to look at your wrist: blue veins mean you have a cool tone, and green veins mean warm tone. Gold jewelry looks best in people with warm tone and silver jewelry works great on cool tone men.

Mistake #6: Failing to maintain your jewelry

If you spend a lot of money on a piece of jewelry, take good care of it by taking it to a jeweler who can treat it with respect and use the right method to keep the jewelry shine.

Mistake #7: Showering while wearing jewelry

Bracelets with elastic band tend to be broken easier when you take them into the shower. The temperature and moisture in the bathroom is not an ideal environment for your jewelry. Rings can also be damaged if you shower with it still on your finger. They can get soap scum on them or underneath some of the stones. Next time you take a shower, leave your jewelry outside the door.

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