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Leather is our main material in making men jewelry. It is no exaggeration to say that leather is a universal material when it comes to male accessories. Depend on the design, leather can bring a different vibe to your style. Take these two following bracelets as an example:

A premium leather bracelet that brings a classy vibe

A rusty leather bracelet which enhances you with its simplicity

Man’s Manor understands your love for leather jewelry. But have you known how to care for your leather pieces in the right way and keep it companion with you as long as possible? Keep on reading this blog to find out!

Rule 1: Avoid liquid

Liquid is an enemy of leather - making it tarnish and badly damaged. Wearing your leather pieces when it’s raining outside is not a wise choice at all. Even washing your hands while wearing leather accessories is bad enough. 

Of course, we can’t guarantee 100% that our leather pieces don’t get wet. We get that!

Such a pity of a stunning piece like this get damaged

Here is a life-saving tip for you in this case: apply a thin layer of moisture to the surface of the leather. Look for Leather Cream or Leather Dressing on the Internet for the most suitable choice in your area. Remember to apply the moisture continuously but not daily. Once every 2 months is advisable.

Rule 2: Keep out of the sun

What is worse than a damp leather? A dried one.

The heat from the direct sunlight will cause leather to become brittle. A brittle leather will eventually crack and deteriorate.

Keep your jewelry dry as well as stay away from the sun

Remember the life-saving tip from Rule 1: leather conditioner is a life-saver. Follow the same this tip to prevent your favorite jewelry become broken.

Rule 3: Storing leather accessories

In case you don’t know: humid and wet environment is not an ideal place to store your leather jewelry. This environment can promote the growth of mildew on your leather.

With the right storage, you can increase your jewelry lifespan

Plastic bag, plastic drawers are no-gos too. It is not advisable to place your leather pieces in plastic since it will cause your leather to grow white fungus. Just store your leather in a cool and dry place.

Rule 4: Solution for mildew leather

Don’t throw away your mildew leather jewelry. There are solutions to restore it.

#1: Rubbing alcohol and water

Mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with 1 cup of water. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture. Wipe the affected area thoroughly and let it dry naturally (away from the sunlight).

#2: Germicidal Soap and water

Carefully wash the affected leather pieces with Germicidal Soap. Then dry it with a clean cloth and let it dry away from the sunlight.

After restoring it to normal condition, don’t forget to take good care of it this time.

Above are 4 rules when it comes to leather jewelry. At Man’s Manor, we only use high-quality authentic leather to make bracelets which can accompany you for a really long period. But with the right care, these bracelets can be a long-lasting friend of you in life.

Share with us more tips on caring and storing leather that you use in the comment section below.

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Mark Chalmers
Mark Chalmers

March 25, 2019

Great tips, thank you!

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