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Christmas is much more than a religious celebration, and even more than giving presents. It’s an opportunity to express love to our children, our parents, and grandparents, to friends and even to strangers.

So, buckle up, and be ready for the family-bonding-on-Christmas ride!

1. Memories glass jar

You don’t have to be a tinkerer to do this! First, you need a beautiful glass jar with colorful note papers (and of course, a pen). Then spend some time to recall memories you have with your family and write them down.

Imagine this beautiful jar filled with memories and happiness

It doesn’t have to be big and important memories. It can be anything you experience with your family. What about the first time your children got a paycheck? Or that time when you bought silly-looking furniture and everyone laugh at you? Fill that jar with your precious memories and wait for the big night. Gather everyone around the Christmas tree and gradually open them one by one. It is a fun but heart-warming way to bond your family.

2. Give the right gifts

Admit it, everyone is looking forward to opening gifts when it’s Christmas. And the art of choosing the right gifts can make everyone happier.

Think carefully about what you can give for each person. Set a budget of $30 (or anything you find appropriate) for one gift and make a note about which is the best gift. Sometimes it is not the fancy gifts that matter, what matters is the meaning it holds.

Sometimes a piece of jewelry with blessing meaning is much more valuable than an expensive gift - take this Life Enhancer Bracelet as a good example

3. Preparing for Christmas is not always tiring… if you do it with your loved ones

We get it, Christmas shopping and decorating is an ordeal. But if that’s what your companion enjoy doing, why not do it with her/him to express your love?

Going shopping with family is the perfect time to express your love

Instead of ordering everything online, you can drive her/him and head to the malls, and start shopping like traditional way. Ask and discuss which kind of Christmas tree and ornaments you should get with your companion.

4. Cook the Christmas feast together

Christmas is when all of your family will gather at your house and celebrate the festive season. Ask everyone to roll up their sleeves and take a hand to finish the Christmas dinner.

You not only make more memories with your family but they also have a chance to talk and share more with you.

Tiger's Eye Stone can ignite the positive feelings inside of you - perfect for this group cooking activities

5. Hot chocolate bar... for everyone

There is nothing better than a cup (or a dozen) of hot chocolate at Christmas. Be the bartender and make a hot chocolate bar then invite all your friends and family to enjoy. Everyone can bring some books or their favorite movies and watch together.

Perfect combo for Christmas - hot chocolate and marshmallow

6. Build a snowman family together

Christmas can’t be completed without building your signature snowman. Instead of building just one snowman, ask everyone to build their own snow version. Now you have an activity where you can repeat doing for years to come without being afraid it will be outdated.

Christmas can't be completed without building a snowman

7. Secret Santa... with a twist

What is better than Secret Santa on Christmas? A Secret Santa with a twist. Normally you just need to prepare a gift and wrap it nicely, and… done. The game is over!

But this time, when everyone is preparing presents, ask them to add a short note about why they pick this particular presents. You can pick a present with special meanings and give it like a blessing to whoever getting it.

Giving someone a little spiritual support - like this bracelet - is always a good idea

To those who believe in the power of stones and crystals, this bracelet set could be their perfect Christmas present

8. Random goodness coupons

Make coupons about random goodness you and your family can do for others. Like bake a dozen chocolate cookies and give it to your neighbors. Or say “Merry Christmas” and smile to everyone you guys meet that day - even to a stranger. Of course, this is only meaningful if the whole family is doing it together.

9. Have a themed Christmas photo card

Everyone tells you to dress as nice as you can when taking photo for family Christmas card. But how can you create memories and have fun when wearing a suit that you can barely breathe in after all that Christmas dessert?

Let’s change the game by adding a theme to your Christmas photo card. How about a MCU theme? Or the ugliest Christmas sweater theme? Ring the bell, tell everyone and be prepare for the laugh of your life.

10. Hold a Christmas movies marathon

Enjoy Christmas classics like It’s a wonderful life, Home Alone, Elf,... with your family in the living room all day long. Make a warm and cozy bed out of tons of pillows and snuggle in pajamas then watch movies together.

Christmas classic movies will get you in the festive mood in no time

Christmas is coming home and simply rest after a year of continuing fighting for your desires. Let your hair down and enjoy the Christmas season with your family.

Share with us a Christmas family tradition that you love in the comment section below.

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